Royal Clash: the game could generate a billion to Supercell


Clash Royale trust first place in sales of mobile games since its release. The game is a financial success for the Finnish studio Supercell and has the potential to become a game exceeding the billion of revenue by analyst firm Newzoo.

The news is not surprising, Clash Royal is successful mobile game the best financial results in March. With 80 million revenue for the month of March , Supercell continued to dominate the market, since the loss of form of Rovio and King.

According to the analyst firm Newzoo, success is not about to fall. The game could even reach one billion in revenue a year of exercise. In fact, the studio produces over 50% of its revenues in China in the USA. Or Royal Clash is not yet available in the Chinese market Android. The release is imminent, and should enable Supercell see its revenue increase.

A successful charge to the operation of the game according to Newzoo. First, the studio has been based on the universe of another of his success, Clash of Clans. Royal Clash has absorbed the loss of speed of its predecessor. In addition, the business model of microtransactions allows the studio to make a large income , given the difficulty to progress quickly without. Especially as Supercell seeks to develop its image of competitive play. A way to tempt players to progress quickly, and therefore to use app purchases.


How to play the deck

Main objective : This deck is based on the management board and the cons-attack . The goal is to create an advantage for elixirs that once the river, your opponent can not manage all the units you have accumulated during your defense. It must in any case be the initiation of an assault, with this deck is to attack endanger the side where we did not put troops. However if your opponent shows no velocity you can send a pig Rider to react. Attack is the last option to consider, prepare your defenses and throughout the party hold opposing cards used. Always a step ahead of your opponent, seeking elixirs benefit must be your priority.

Secondary Objective : Despite the fact that your main goal is to create the maximum benefits in elixirs, he does not forget the fact to attack. When you meet an opponent playing in the same way you and that you are unable to attack, use your PEKKA in the opposite way to force him to make a choice. Defensive buildings or double cabins compositions should not scare you, use your spell Lightning at the most opportune time to destroy as many buildings and continue your progress. The Ice Witch and the Sorcerer are your most important forces not only for defense but also they bring their complementarities in attack, coupled with the PEKKA to unmanageable assaults.

Tip: If your opponent has arrows , use your gargoyles Horde only defensively, once cleared of enemy troops will force the opponent to use his charm on it and you will have created the elixirs advantage by killing opponents troops and forcing him to use extra elixir to consume them.